ThePCMasters is more than just another Systems Consulting firm.  We stand out because we make customer service our highest priority; in fact we make it our primary goal.

          In 1983, we started offering consulting services to small businesses on a personal level.  With time, this business developed into MJZ Consulting, serving small to mid-size companies in the southland until the end of 2000.  With technology developing at a staggering pace through the later part of the 90's, and with the addition of web designing services to our existing core business, it became apparent we needed a fresher look; it is then that we adopted a new identity, ThePCMasters, to stay more in touch with the changing times and to more clearly define the role we want to play in the creation of solutions for our customers.

         Our clientele is varied, which has earned us experience in a variety of businesses as high schools, accounting firms, financial services, engineering firms, real estate, employment agencies, and a Chamber of Commerce, among others.

         Our goal is now, as it has always been, to offer services by which you the customer can concentrate on what you do best, your day-to-day core business, without spending unnecessary time dealing with computer problems.  Our job is to make this possible, as we strive to make your systems become the tools they were intended to be when you bought them, rather than a constant headache.

          Among examples of the systems implemented for these customers we can mention Tuition Tracking Systems, Check Printing Software, a Quoting and Scheduling system, Web Forms Submissions, Security assessment and Virus prevention policies.

         On the infrastructure arena we have also accomplished many projects like Systems Standardization, LAN consolidation, Remote Systems Support and Monitoring, Wireless Networks, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN), among others.  We have expertise in multiple protocols and operating systems. 

          Though equipment sales is not our main business objective, we provide this service as well in order to round our offerings to accommodate all of our clients' needs, not only for systems integration and software design, but through a full support from 'A to Z', as it relates to our customers' computer solutions.  It is important to know however, that purchasing our equipment is NOT a requirement as we can design systems solutions which implement a variety of brands, if they better meet your objectives. 

           If you are looking to reduce your worries and free yourself from the daily headaches of technology usage, you have come to the right place!

          You can contact us via email, for a personalized assessment of your needs, or to discuss a specific project.  We respond to all emails and try to get back to you promptly.

         We look forward to counting you among our growing list of satisfied customers.

                                          Thank You,




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