We specialize in every aspect of networking implementation and support.

Startups - For those who do not own a network but need one, we provide LAN design, network configuration, equipment selection and cabling.  We setup your network to keep on-site support down to a minimum.

On-going Support - Once you are up and running, you want your network to perform in tip-top shape.  Under our standard maintenance agreement we will conduct regular monitoring and maintenance of your networks to keep them running optimally.  And when time comes for an upgrade, we will take care of that too.

Help when you need it - For those inevitable occasions when problems arise, we provide expert troubleshooting.  Our courteous staff are always glad to be of assistance.


When planning a relocation, you have many things to worry about; from the coordination of electricians, to floor plans to outlining desk space and location.

The PCMasters can help.  We take responsibility for all aspects of the move involving technology.  We will coordinate with other vendors on your behalf, select the proper hardware, if any is needed, perform the relocation of equipment and re-installation at the new location. 

When your employees come in on their first day of work at the new site, all they need to do is login and conduct business as usual.

Web Design

Many companies, and individuals for that matter, offer to build you a website.  Only when your brand new site goes live you realize you got what you paid for; sluggish performance, unnecessary graphics, and tacky special effects, which add nothing to your company's image, and visitors get frustrated after waiting for your page to show signs of life.

We have used our knowledge in designing websites combined with our past experience in programming under efficiency constraints.  We place special importance in the efficiency of your site without sacrificing a professional look and feel, and ease of use.

And for those times when your needs go beyond a simple static web presence, we specialize in active websites where you do more than display information about your company; your site visitors interact with your website.


We assist you in the selection, configuration, and maintenance of your computer systems, by either selecting from the line of equipment we sell, or utilizing whatever equipment makes the most sense for your particular needs even if it is not the equipment we sell.  We provide setup, service and support for servers, desktops, laptops, printers, etc.

We have a proven methodology which is based on the standardization of systems, which allows the systems we setup to remain almost maintenance-free.  Our technicians are experts in most operating systems available and we make sure they keep their skills updated for your benefit.

Hardware sales is a line we offer primarily to provide a complete solution, from one source, however we will often provide systems solutions based on other proven vendors' products, as long as they meet your specific requirements.

Our Commitment

We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.  We strive to be your preferred technology provider.  This way you, our customers, have a single point of contact and accountability for any technology issues, freeing your time to manage your business.

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